Escuela Avancemos!

3811 Cicotte Street
Detroit, Michigan 48210-2924
(313) 269-0654

Grade Levels Served: ,

Year Opened: 2012

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Our Mission, Focus & Approach

The mission of Escuela Avancemos Academy is to prepare, educate, and inspire every child for lifelong success.

Escuela Avancemos is focused on the creation of educational experiences for applied learning within our school classrooms while, at the same time, exposing students to the world of college and career experiences outside of the traditional school environment. Therefore, Escuela Avancemos will be both a community center for teaching and learning (with students and families coming to the school for experiential learning) and a central “home-base” from which the students “go out” and experience the community through business and organizational partnerships with planned curriculum.

Early Childhood Program List

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School Quality

State Accountability System Color:

MEAP Math Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Math Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Math Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Math Proficiency-

MEAP Reading Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Reading Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Reading Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Reading Proficiency-

MEAP Science Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Science Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Science Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Science Proficiency-

MEAP Social Studies Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency-

MEAP Writing Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Writing Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Writing Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Writing Proficiency-

MME Math Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Math Proficiency-
2012 MME Math Proficiency-
2011 MME Math Proficiency-

MME Reading Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Reading Proficiency-
2012 MME Reading Proficiency-
2011 MME Reading Proficiency-

MME Science Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Science Proficiency-
2012 MME Science Proficiency-
2011 MME Science Proficiency-

MME Social Studies Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Social Studies Proficiency-
2012 MME Social Studies Proficiency-
2011 MME Social Studies Proficiency-

MME Writing Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Writing Proficiency-
2012 MME Writing Proficiency-
2011 MME Writing Proficiency-

ACT Composite Scores

2013 ACT Composite-
2012 ACT Composite-
2011 ACT Composite-


Student Enrollment: 275 Free/Reduced Lunch Percentage: -
Total Males: - Total Females: -
Total African American: - Total American Indian: -
Total Asian: - Total Hawaiian: -
Total Hispanic: - Total White: -
Total Mixed Race: - Graduation Rate: -
State Accountability System Color:

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