A.G.B.U Alex & Marie Manoogian

22001 Northwestern Hwy
Southfield, Michigan 48075

Website: manoogian.org

Grade Levels Served:

Year Opened: 1995

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Our Mission, Focus & Approach

The Armenian General Benevolent Union (A.G.B.U.) Alex & Marie Manoogian School in addition to offering the full Michigan Curriculum is a coeducational school dedicated to giving students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills that will make them well-rounded contributors to American society, while at the same time preserving their rich Armenian heritage.

A quality education requires a safe, secure and supportive learning environment.
• To stimulate independent and divergent thinking through instructional methods which keep pace with the changing demands of society.
• To recognize and value the uniqueness of every student, challenging each to fulfill his or her potential.
• To promote the appreciation of lifelong learning within an environment of excellence.
• The curriculum promotes the development of the Armenian language, as well as the understanding and appreciation of Armenian history and art.
• The School Board of Directors, together with the faculty and parents, will provide the foundation for students' fulfillment and success.

Early Childhood Program List

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School Quality

State Accountability System Color:
Math Proficiency: 57% Reading Proficiency: 69%
MEAP Growth Towards Proficiency (MATH): 19% MEAP Growth Towards Proficiency (READING): 12%
Overall Student Proficiency: - High School Graduation Rate: 96.97%

MEAP Math Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Math Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Math Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Math Proficiency-

MEAP Reading Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Reading Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Reading Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Reading Proficiency-

MEAP Science Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Science Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Science Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Science Proficiency-

MEAP Social Studies Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency-

MEAP Writing Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Writing Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Writing Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Writing Proficiency-

MME Math Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Math Proficiency-
2012 MME Math Proficiency-
2011 MME Math Proficiency-

MME Reading Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Reading Proficiency-
2012 MME Reading Proficiency-
2011 MME Reading Proficiency-

MME Science Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Science Proficiency-
2012 MME Science Proficiency-
2011 MME Science Proficiency-

MME Social Studies Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Social Studies Proficiency-
2012 MME Social Studies Proficiency-
2011 MME Social Studies Proficiency-

MME Writing Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Writing Proficiency-
2012 MME Writing Proficiency-
2011 MME Writing Proficiency-

ACT Composite Scores

2013 ACT Composite-
2012 ACT Composite-
2011 ACT Composite-


Student Enrollment: 385 Free/Reduced Lunch Percentage: 35.9%
Total Males: - Total Females: -
Total African American: 5.5% Total American Indian: -
Total Asian: - Total Hawaiian: 90%
Total Hispanic: 80% Total White: 92.8%
Total Mixed Race: - Graduation Rate: -
State Accountability System Color:

Honors & Accomplishments

  • 100% high school graduation rate.
  • $1.6 million in four-year college scholarships for the graduation 30 students in 2013.
  • Rated among the Best High Schools in the Nation by US News and World Report in 2012.
  • Robotics club championship (2nd place in area competitions).
  • 20% admission rate to U of M Ann Arbor for the class of 2013.
  • Dual enrollment through Lawrence Tech University and Oakland Community College.
  • Pre-Kindergarten available with tuition (not part of the charter school).

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