Achieve Charter Academy

3250 Denton Road
Canton, Michigan 48187


Grade Levels Served:

Year Opened: 2009

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Charter Public School

Our Mission, Focus & Approach

An Achieve Charter Academy Education: Because you have hopes and dreams, we're here

Our credo is simple: Set high-standards, make expectations clear, provide meaningful instruction, and watch children excel academically. At Achieve Charter Academy, every student is given the tools for success, in and out of the classroom. With a commitment to work, good citizenship, and personal responsibility, students experience a safe, secure environment where learning and achievement thrive.

Early Childhood Program List

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School Quality

State Accountability System Color: YELLOW
Math Proficiency: 72% Reading Proficiency: 87%
MEAP Growth Towards Proficiency (MATH): 2% MEAP Growth Towards Proficiency (READING): 4%

MEAP Math Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Math Proficiency76%
2012 MEAP Math Proficiency72%
2011 MEAP Math Proficiency70%

MEAP Reading Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Reading Proficiency89%
2012 MEAP Reading Proficiency88%
2011 MEAP Reading Proficiency84%

MEAP Science Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Science Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Science Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Science Proficiency-

MEAP Social Studies Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency22%
2012 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency27%
2011 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency25%

MEAP Writing Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Writing Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Writing Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Writing Proficiency-

MME Math Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Math Proficiency-
2012 MME Math Proficiency-
2011 MME Math Proficiency-

MME Reading Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Reading Proficiency-
2012 MME Reading Proficiency-
2011 MME Reading Proficiency-

MME Science Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Science Proficiency-
2012 MME Science Proficiency-
2011 MME Science Proficiency-

MME Social Studies Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Social Studies Proficiency-
2012 MME Social Studies Proficiency-
2011 MME Social Studies Proficiency-

MME Writing Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Writing Proficiency-
2012 MME Writing Proficiency-
2011 MME Writing Proficiency-

ACT Composite Scores

2013 ACT Composite20.7%
2012 ACT Composite-
2011 ACT Composite19.8%


Student Enrollment: 753 Free/Reduced Lunch Percentage: 9%
Total Males: 52.191% Total Females: 47.809%
Total African American: 12.085% Total American Indian: 0.664%
Total Asian: 49.535% Total Hawaiian: 0.266%
Total Hispanic: 2.258% Total White: 32.005%
Total Mixed Race: 3.187% Graduation Rate: -
State Accountability System Color: YELLOW

Honors & Accomplishments

  • 2012-2013 Reward School
  • 1- Girls Volleyball
  • 2- Girls & Boys Soccer
  • 3- Girls & Boys Basketball
  • 4- Robotics Club
  • 5- Math Club
  • 6- Spanish Club

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