Academy of Waterford

3000 Sashabaw Road
Waterford , Michigan 48329-4040
(248) 674-1649


Grade Levels Served:

Year Opened: 2003

Class Types & Focus: , , , , , ,

Charter Public School

Our Mission, Focus & Approach

The Academy of Waterford will enhance the future by providing opportunities for all students to learn by engaging in educational and entrepreneurial activities. The vision of Academy of Waterford is to improve achievement and academically challenge all students on a year-to-year basis. We believe that all children have the ability to learn in different ways engaged in meaningful activities. We believe that students should learn in a safe environment and must have support from their families and teachers. We believe that collaboration, cooperation, and respect are essential elements of a successful school and that consistency and structure are necessary to promote a positive learning and social environment.

Early Childhood Program List

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School Quality

State Accountability System Color: YELLOW
Math Proficiency: 22% Reading Proficiency: 54%
MEAP Growth Towards Proficiency (MATH): 2% MEAP Growth Towards Proficiency (READING): 13%

MEAP Math Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Math Proficiency21%
2012 MEAP Math Proficiency22%
2011 MEAP Math Proficiency20%

MEAP Reading Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Reading Proficiency45%
2012 MEAP Reading Proficiency54%
2011 MEAP Reading Proficiency41%

MEAP Science Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Science Proficiency9%
2012 MEAP Science Proficiency3%
2011 MEAP Science Proficiency4%

MEAP Social Studies Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency-

MEAP Writing Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Writing Proficiency37%
2012 MEAP Writing Proficiency27%
2011 MEAP Writing Proficiency37%

MME Math Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Math Proficiency-
2012 MME Math Proficiency-
2011 MME Math Proficiency-

MME Reading Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Reading Proficiency-
2012 MME Reading Proficiency-
2011 MME Reading Proficiency-

MME Science Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Science Proficiency-
2012 MME Science Proficiency-
2011 MME Science Proficiency-

MME Social Studies Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Social Studies Proficiency-
2012 MME Social Studies Proficiency-
2011 MME Social Studies Proficiency-

MME Writing Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Writing Proficiency-
2012 MME Writing Proficiency-
2011 MME Writing Proficiency-

ACT Composite Scores

2013 ACT Composite-
2012 ACT Composite-
2011 ACT Composite-


Student Enrollment: 181 Free/Reduced Lunch Percentage: 86.9%
Total Males: 40.884% Total Females: 59.116%
Total African American: 41.436% Total American Indian: 0.552%
Total Asian: - Total Hawaiian: -
Total Hispanic: 37.569% Total White: 13.26%
Total Mixed Race: 7.182% Graduation Rate: -
State Accountability System Color: YELLOW

Honors & Accomplishments

  • The Academy of Waterford made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in the 2011-2012 school year.
  • Reward School: On August 2, 2012 the Academy of Waterford was designated as a Reward School by the Michigan Department of Education for making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and being in the top 5% of schools making the greatest academic progress over the last four years.

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