Academy for Business & Technology (The)

19625 Wood Street
Melvindale , Michigan 48122-2201
(313) 382-3422


Grade Levels Served:

Year Opened: 1997

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Our Mission, Focus & Approach

Developing Inspired Learners To Become Leaders Of Character In A Global Society.

The Academy for Business & Technology, in cooperation with parents and community, will provide all students with a safe environment for learning and the preparation for success in their adult lives by equipping them with the skills necessary to foster creativity, to develop a sound character, to achieve higher education, to obtain employment and to be fully productive citizens well into the 21st century.

In accordance with this mission, the Academy for Business & Technology is in a continual improvement process that involves ongoing self-review, assessment and focused, proactive improvement based on test data and other measures. The school improvement team reviews student achievement data to ensure that necessary changes are implemented in a timely manner. The school improvement team consists of school leadership, teachers, a board member, students and support staff.

Our Values

1. School organized for every student's success. To help achieve this we've organized small, flexible Collaborative Leadership Teams (CLTs) where teachers work together to communicate best practices, professional information, and individual student learning tendencies to better focus instruction.
2. A better use of time. ABT follows a schedule that makes sense for families today, adds the equivalent of 3 years to what is now a typical K-12 academic career, and builds in more fun for the students too.
3. A rich and challenging curriculum. We have designed an absorbing curriculum that provides every teacher and student with a program of variety and possibility. The curriculum is carefully integrated to help students see the connections between knowledge and ideas and to encourage practical applications of learning.
4. Teaching methods that motivate. We are committed to vital and diverse instructional strategies that encourage innovation and excitement in teaching and learning. Our classrooms are full of the sound of discussion, debate, discovery and delight.
5. Assessment that provides accountability. ABT monitors student progress in many ways to help ensure that standards are met. Students participate in ABT's own core assessment system as well as state testing programs. ABT is accountable for student performance on all of these measures.
6. Educators who are true professionals. Teachers are the heart of our school. They receive the career development, resources, responsibilities and opportunities that talented professionals deserve.
7. Technology for an information age. Our plan for technology puts everyone - students, educators and families - to work with the powerful information, communication and learning tools available today, preparing students for the workplace of the future.
8. A partnership with families. ABT makes a commitment to families to keep them engaged in their student's progress. Student portfolios and quarterly meetings with teachers give family members an accurate and vivid picture of their student's accomplishments and needs.

Early Childhood Program List

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School Quality

State Accountability System Color:
Math Proficiency: 22% Reading Proficiency: 43%
MEAP Growth Towards Proficiency (MATH): -400% MEAP Growth Towards Proficiency (READING): -100%
Overall Student Proficiency: - High School Graduation Rate: 88.68%

MEAP Math Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Math Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Math Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Math Proficiency-

MEAP Reading Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Reading Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Reading Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Reading Proficiency-

MEAP Science Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Science Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Science Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Science Proficiency-

MEAP Social Studies Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Social Studies Proficiency-

MEAP Writing Proficiency Scores

2013 MEAP Writing Proficiency-
2012 MEAP Writing Proficiency-
2011 MEAP Writing Proficiency-

MME Math Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Math Proficiency-
2012 MME Math Proficiency-
2011 MME Math Proficiency-

MME Reading Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Reading Proficiency-
2012 MME Reading Proficiency-
2011 MME Reading Proficiency-

MME Science Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Science Proficiency-
2012 MME Science Proficiency-
2011 MME Science Proficiency-

MME Social Studies Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Social Studies Proficiency-
2012 MME Social Studies Proficiency-
2011 MME Social Studies Proficiency-

MME Writing Proficiency Scores

2013 MME Writing Proficiency-
2012 MME Writing Proficiency-
2011 MME Writing Proficiency-

ACT Composite Scores

2013 ACT Composite-
2012 ACT Composite-
2011 ACT Composite-


Student Enrollment: 712 Free/Reduced Lunch Percentage: 85.7%
Total Males: - Total Females: -
Total African American: 70.6% Total American Indian: -
Total Asian: 30% Total Hawaiian: -
Total Hispanic: 17.4% Total White: 11.7%
Total Mixed Race: - Graduation Rate: -
State Accountability System Color:

Honors & Accomplishments

  • MHSAA Varsity and Junior Varsity Sports
  • ABT Gator Football
  • ABT Gator B'Ball (Basketball)
  • National STEM Certification (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • Community Services Programs
  • We provide transportation with 4 school buses that pick-up and drop off everyday that school is in session and an activities bus at 4:30 M-Th
  • Tutoring: Math and Science
  • After School Programs: Band (fee required), Computer Applications (Parents/Students), Craft Workshops, Chess Club, Drama Club, and Glee Club
  • National Honor Society (NHS) and National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

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