Invest in Mission to Drive Enrollment

March 17, 2015 5:33 pm


On Tuesday, March 10, Innovators in Education hosted their spring conference. At the one-day event school leaders and business managers were treated to many breakout sessions, including one from Rajeshri Gandhi Bhatia, founder of School Smarts, LLC. In her session, Invest in Your Mission to Drive Enrollment, she talked about delivering on your promise to drive sustainable enrollment.

Check out six quick tips below to help you do this in your school!

  1. Retention is important and requires deliberate attention. Strategy costs four times as much to get a new student as it does to keep one you have. You must know your retention trends and track it year-round.
  2. A commonly agreed to, and consistently utilized mission is essential to school success.
  3. Your mission needs to be unique to your school. It should reflect a personalized purpose as to why YOUR school is the best choice for your students.
  4. Students should choose and stay at your school because of your mission and the way that is carried out.
  5. You must know what your school does well and what needs you are filling. Those things should be reflected in your mission AND consistently articulated to the school community.
  6. All choices/decisions (academic and non-academic) must answer the question, “How does this help us achieve our mission?”

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