Key Ingredients for Parent Engagement

August 14, 2014 8:19 pm

Do you wish there was a magic recipe that would allow your school to create a dynamic culture of parent engagement? Parent engagement is consistently an item of frustration and anxiety in many schools. Recent market research indicates Michigan’s schools are in need of more strategies and tips on engagement techniques. Many schools around Michigan have stated parent engagement is one of the largest areas of needed improvement within their buildings.

According to Verna Felder at Detroit Service Learning Academy, there are three key ingredients necessary for parent programming to be effective:

  1. Parent programming must be a vehicle to give parents a voice. In order to recruit parents as true members of the school community they must feel their voices are central to the school community.
  2. Parent programming must provide hands on opportunities for parents to develop skills that will empower them to actively support their child’s learning outside the classroom.
  3. Parent programming must get parents actively and visibly involved in the school by providing community need driven services.

Verna is the Deputy Director of Community Relations/Media with Elite School Management. She is a leader in the field of public relations, community outreach and customer service for the academic community. You can learn more from Verna on ideas and strategies for parent engagement at the Innovators in Education Conference on October 2 & 3, 2014 at the Troy Marriott. Her session will focus on effective communication strategies and the ability to leverage available funding to implement the activities so that great ideas can move from ideas to practice!

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